I have an existing plugin(payment gateway for woocommerce) that goes about generating settings as follows:

In the constructor, It does the following:


// Calls all the fields
    $this->title                = $this->get_option( 'title' );

In the init_form_fields function:

$this->form_fields = array(
                'enabled' => array(
                    'title'       => __( 'Enable/Disable:', 'plugin-name' ),
                    'type'        => 'checkbox',
                    'label'       => __( 'Enable Payment', 'plugin-name' ),
                    'description' => __( 'Enable this if you want to collect payment via example gateway.', 'plugin-name' ),
                    'default'     => 'yes',
                    'desc_tip'    => true,
                'img' => array(
                    'title'       => __( 'Upload Image:', 'plugin-name' ),
                    'type'        => 'file',
                    'description' => __( 'Please upload your image', 'plugin-name' ),
                    'default'     => '',
                    'desc_tip'    => true,

I am able to create fields such as text, textarea etc, however, It does not save any file for the field 'img' anywhere.

All the examples I have seen online use custom html via - settings_fields("section"); do_settings_sections("demo");

Is there a way I can change my existing code to just have the image field, or will I have to change my approach?

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