Why is wordpress redirecting to an existing page if the uri is staring like an existing page instead of redirecting to a 404 ?

Example, i have theses pages



But if I go to


Instead of going to a 404, WP is redirecting me to the translated english version of intralog


Same if I do mysite.com/aeroport/medi, it's redirecting me to mysite.com/medias instead of a 404

I'm using polylang, I can't disable it, but all my other plugin are disabled.

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Does this WPSE article help?

Looking at this article and similar, I'd recommend reading up on the purpose of this feature as you may not want to (fully) disable it.

  • great that's it ! been stuck all day on that.
    – lucrece
    Aug 10, 2020 at 15:16

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