When I create custom post types in wordpress I got the following site structure which works perfectly with Permalinks "/%category%/%postname%/":

Preview and category page: [main]/animals/ [main]/animals_slug/cat/

are linking to post detail page: [main]/animals/this-is-a-page-about-white-cats

[main]/animals_slug/cat/this-is-a-page-about-white-cats (typed in manually) will be redirected to


I want to do the same for WordPress default posts but I got the following issue.

Posts preview and category page:

[main]/people/ [main]/people_slug/women/

only showing post detail page [main]/animals_people/women/this-is-a-page-about-a-woman-x

The page [main]/people/this-is-a-page-about-a-woman-x does not exist and there is no redirection to it. When I change permalinks, to fix this for posts, I got issues with custom post types. How can I prevent those issues? Does anybody have an idea about how to fix this?


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