I've inherited a Mutlisite Wordpress network (so I don't have all of the details around how it's been set up yet) that contains 3 sites. One site hides all pages from users unless they are logged in under their account.

The site I'm trying fix is a site that should be completely public but it appears to have inherited the same settings as the other site. This site's pages should be accessible whether a user is logged in or not. I can't seem to find the settings in Multisite that would allow me to fix it for this one site.

The pages themselves are marked public. I also noticed in the protected site, those pages are also marked public. This would lead me to believe that the settings are at a higher level.

ANY pointers on how to potentially find where to correct this issue would be immensely helpful. The forums I've researched tend to mention plugins - but I've searched all of the plugins and can't find any such settings in regards to restrictions. Thanks!

  • Things to check: Are there any plugins that are network-enabled that might be blocking unauthenticated users? Are the sites themselves marked as public? Does the .htaccess file restrict users based on whether they're logged in? – Pat J Aug 10 '20 at 20:45

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