Wordpress comments exists in 4 states:

  1. 0 not approved
  2. 1 approved
  3. Trashed
  4. Spam

When a user makes a comment it will end up in the 0 not approved folder, or if it's a spam comment directly to the spam folder.

Is it possible to send every single comment to the spam folder?

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I don't know of a way the default comment status can be changed, but there's an action 'comment_post' that runs after comments are inserted that you could easily hook to set every new comment to have the 'spam' status:

function set_new_comment_to_spam($commentId) {
    wp_set_comment_status($commentId, 'spam');

add_action('comment_post', 'set_new_comment_to_spam', 10, 1);

Add that to your functions.php

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