The idea here is to share bulk WordPress posts between multisite blogs automatically. I have googled some tutorials and I know I can use save_post action hook, switch_to_blog and get_post() + wp_insert_post functions. But I can't figure out how to write the code in my theme functions file. I am learning PHP and I can read the code and understand its function but not comfortable enough to write it so I am experimenting. Thanks for any guidance.

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    As this is a good question for Wordpress Development stack exchange you will probably get some help here, but you need to at least have a little bit of code, so try to write a small part of it and post what you have here. You could start by doing one small piece of what you need to do, or paste the functions you think you want to use in roughly the right order in a text file. – mozboz Jul 22 at 19:59

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