I am developing a tool to print PHP debug messages on screen.

I would like to stop the wp_redirect() function from actually doing the redirect if the debug tool contains a message that it wants to display.

One way would be to check this before calling wp_redirect() at all, but it's preferable to have something like a before_redirect filter where I can decide to "go on" or "don't go".

I have seen the wp_redirect filter allows me to filter the redirect location.

I could say "go back to the same place" but that would be a new http request and the logs would be already lost.

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As you can see from the source code, wp_redirect always ends in a PHP header request, except if the location is empty, because then it doesn't know where to redirect. So you can indeed use the wp_redirect filter. If you return an empty string under certain circumstances, the redirect will not happen.

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