I've read this post and I don't think this question is a duplicate because I have a specific question that has not been answered.

My parent theme is using the following to require a template tag php file

require get_template_directory() . '/inc/template-tags.php';

Is it possible to overide this in my child theme, If I place the same code in my functions.php and place the folder and file the same in my child theme folder I get a error saying

 Fatal error: Cannot redeclare progression_studios_category_transient_flusher() (previously declared in /home/anders/Local Sites/site/app/public/wp-content/themes/vayvo-progression-child/inc/template-tags.php:401) in /home/anders/Local Sites/site/app/public/wp-content/themes/vayvo-progression/inc/template-tags.php on line 401

Is it possible to work around this.

Thanks ahead of time.



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