How to add the google ad conversion tracking code into the thank you page (Contact form7 - Redirected thank you page) in WordPress. I’ve tried to place the tracking code on this specific page but instead, the code is placed on every page of the website.

  • May I know how have you tried to add the code in that specific page? – made2popular Jul 2 at 11:13
  • Tried to paste code through header.php, – jeens Jul 2 at 11:23
  • Have you defined the condition to check if the page is thank-you page? – made2popular Jul 2 at 11:27

You can try to add conditional code like this:

<?php if (is_page ('thank-you')){ ?>

  // script goes here

<?php } ?>

NOTE: Replace the thank-you with your page slug or you can even replace it with the page ID and add your tracking code just below //script goes here.

One more way is to do it via plugin, here is a link to such plugin https://wordpress.org/plugins/oh-add-script-header-footer/

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