Instead of reloading i need to submit the data by ajax. it is because theme options having customized tab sections and all the fields are in array in a single field of settings api.

//Displaying and saving options data
function amna_theme_options_page () {
<div class="wrap flex-tab">
    <form action='options.php' method='post' class="amna-fields">
        settings_fields( 'amna-fields-group' );
        amna_do_settings_sections('theme_amna'); ?>
        <p class="submit"><input type="submit" class="button-primary" value="<?php _e( 'Save changes', 'amna_save_settings' ); ?>" /></p>

Here is my function to wrapping the fields in html not table

function amna_do_settings_sections($page) {
global $wp_settings_sections, $wp_settings_fields;

if ( !isset($wp_settings_sections) || !isset($wp_settings_sections[$page]) )

foreach( (array) $wp_settings_sections[$page] as $section ) {
    echo "<h3>{$section['title']}</h3>\n";
    call_user_func($section['callback'], $section);
    if ( !isset($wp_settings_fields) ||
         !isset($wp_settings_fields[$page]) ||
         !isset($wp_settings_fields[$page][$section['id']]) )
    echo '<div class="settings-form-wrapper">';
    amna_do_settings_fields($page, $section['id']);
    echo '</div>';

function amna_do_settings_fields($page, $section) {
global $wp_settings_fields;

if ( ! isset( $wp_settings_fields[ $page ][ $section ] ) ) {

foreach ( (array) $wp_settings_fields[$page][$section] as $field ) { ?>
    <div class="settings-form-row flex-tab">
        // Here is my tab defined by not posting right now
        <?php if ( !empty($field['args']['label_for']) )
            echo '<p><label for="' . $field['args']['label_for'] . '">' .
                $field['title'] . '</label><br />';
        call_user_func($field['callback'], $field['args']);
        echo '</p>';
    echo '</div>';


So instead of reloading i want to submit the fields value by ajax.

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