Hello Wordpress Community I'm really a beginner and need helps, is someone willing to give me a hint or help me.

I watch a lot youtube videos I tried to create my own Form. But now I need help. Here's what I want to do: SelectField 1 (selection year of birth) SelectField 2 (Select gender) SelectField 3 if possible hidden only after I have made a selection SelectField1 and selection SelectField2 you show this field. I would like to fill into SelectField3 according to the selection SelectField1 and SelectField2. e.g. Selection SelectField1 (2000) and Selection SelectField2 (Male) can be the following options M20, Short Distance Men, Walking, Handicap.

e.g. Selection SelectField1 (2016) and Selection SelectField2 (Male) can only be the following options Moskito Boys and so on.

I have a script from a colleague (PlugIn unfortunately not compatible with Wordpress BreezingForms) add to the end his script. My question how I can enter the values from the function sexe and function annee to the categorie Field??

What I understand is when you choice in the field Geburtsjahr/Birthyear give you 2 options back (male and female age) after choice Geschlecht/Gender field give you just 1 Option for the categorie Field.

<label> Name/ Nom (Pflichtfeld)
[text* Name] </label>

Vorname/ Prenom (Pflichtfeld) [text* Vorname]

Geburtsjahr/ année de naissance (Pflichtfeld) [select* annee include_blank "1991" "1992" "1993" "1994" "1995" "1996" "1997" "1998" "1999" "2000" "2001" "2002" "2003" "2004" "2005" "2006" "2007" "2008" "2009" "2010" "2011" "2012" "2013" "2014" "2015" "2016" "2017" "2018" "2019" "2020"]

Geschlecht/ sexe (Pflichtfeld) [select* sexe include_blank "Damen/ Femmes|D" "Herren/ Hommes|H"]

Kategorie/ catégorie (Pflichtfeld) [select* categorie id:]

Verein/ club [text Verein]

Strasse/ adresse (Pflichtfeld) [text* adresse]

Plz/ cpa (Pflichtfeld) [number* number-plz min:1000 max:9999 placeholder "1234"]

Ort/ Lieu (Pflichtfeld) [text* ort]

Mobil Nummer [number tel-mobil min:0751000000 max:0799999999]

E-Mail-Adresse (Pflichtfeld) [email* your-email]

Bemerkungen/ commentaire [text your-text]


[submit "Send"]

[dynamicselect* desired-product "conjure-posts-dynamically post_type=product posts_per_page=-1 orderby=title order=asc"]

// Dynamic Select for Contact Form 7 function dynamic_select_for_custom_posts($choices, $args=array()) { // Here we grab the posts using the arguments originated from the shortcode $get_custom_posts = get_posts($args); // If we have posts, proceed if ($get_custom_posts) { // Foreach found custom post, we build the option using the [key] => [value] fashion foreach ($get_custom_posts as $custom_post) { $choices[$custom_post->post_title] = $custom_post->post_title; } // If we don't have posts, halt! Lets use a generic not found option } else { // Just a generic option to inform nothing was found $choices['No posts found'] = 'No posts found'; } return $choices; } // Lets add a suggestive name to our filter (we will use it on the shortcode) add_filter('conjure-posts-dynamically', 'dynamic_select_for_custom_posts', 10, 2); //Jahrgang Code: function ff_annee_action(element, action) { switch (action) { case 'change': // Catégories Dames if((ff_getElementByName('sexe').value=='D')&&(ff_getElementByName('annee').value>=2015)&&(ff_getElementByName('annee').value=2013)&&(ff_getElementByName('annee').value=2011)&&(ff_getElementByName('annee').value=2009)&&(ff_getElementByName('annee').value=2007)&&(ff_getElementByName('annee').value=2005)&&(ff_getElementByName('annee').value=2003)&&(ff_getElementByName('annee').value=2001)&&(ff_getElementByName('annee').value=1991)&&(ff_getElementByName('annee').value=2015)&&(ff_getElementByName('annee').value=2013)&&(ff_getElementByName('annee').value=2011)&&(ff_getElementByName('annee').value=2009)&&(ff_getElementByName('annee').value=2007)&&(ff_getElementByName('annee').value=2005)&&(ff_getElementByName('annee').value=2003)&&(ff_getElementByName('annee').value=2001)&&(ff_getElementByName('annee').value=1991)&&(ff_getElementByName('annee').value=2015)&&(ff_getElementByName('annee').value=2013)&&(ff_getElementByName('annee').value=2011)&&(ff_getElementByName('annee').value=2009)&&(ff_getElementByName('annee').value=2007)&&(ff_getElementByName('annee').value=2005)&&(ff_getElementByName('annee').value=2003)&&(ff_getElementByName('annee').value=2001)&&(ff_getElementByName('annee').value=1991)&&(ff_getElementByName('annee').value=2015)&&(ff_getElementByName('annee').value=2013)&&(ff_getElementByName('annee').value=2011)&&(ff_getElementByName('annee').value=2009)&&(ff_getElementByName('annee').value=2007)&&(ff_getElementByName('annee').value=2005)&&(ff_getElementByName('annee').value=2003)&&(ff_getElementByName('annee').value=2001)&&(ff_getElementByName('annee').value=1991)&&(ff_getElementByName('annee').value

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