I am trying to create a site where a member can log in to their account and create their own page filled with their favorite products of a certain category.

Is it possible for me to create a master list with all of the possible products to choose from and then a member to go in and pick from categorized drop downs the items they want and drag and drop it to their member page?

I would like for the master list to link to the websites where the items can be found so that i dont have to download all of the images of every product and was hoping the link of the product could automate the image.

This would basically be like an amazon "favorites" page but from items that come from many different websites so that members have the products all in one place.

Is this something that would be possible for me to do with a wordpress plug-in?

Thank you for your help!

  • You should be able to get a product image from an URL, yes: look for an og:image meta tag (or og:image:url or og:image:secure_url) which is what Facebook and Twitter will use as the image for links shared using that URL, and most if not all web shops will set that nowadays. Everything else you're asking about should be possible too, yes, but it sounds like a fair amount of work. – Rup Jun 30 at 7:49

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