I use a Genesis theme and Pods templates for custom post types. I have 4 CPTs for different types of Artwork. Within a given CPT I have a pods field to indicate whether the artwork is available or has been sold. I display the pods on separate pages - one for available artworks and one for sold artworks for each CPT. But, I added pagination in Code Snippets. It appeared to be working fine, but I noticed that the pagination was including all of the posts whether they were sold or not.

My code is simple and based on these snippetes: https://gist.github.com/neilgee/43fdae964113c7e062e8 The relevant lines are:


I read in many posts that there were parameters I could use to limit the pagination to a particular taxonomy. So I set up a taxonomy called availability and assigned each artwork to either the sold or available category. Then I added the parameters to the snippet:

next_post_link( '%link','%title', TRUE, ' ', 'availability' );
previous_post_link( '%link','%title', TRUE, ' ', 'availability' );

but, they are not working for me. I tried variations, like adding $in_same_term = and $taxonomy =. But none of them worked. I can use the link and title parameters, but anything else and the nav links disappear.

Any advice? Thank You!

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