We’ve created some pages on our wordpress site and we need to stop search engine bots visits on those specific pages.

I’ve recorded a video on this issue,


is there any plugin available to do that or if u know any way how to do that automatically?

Letme know your opinion, thanks

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This is not WordPress related, it is more a SEO stuff. I'm not an SEO expert, but anyways, apparently, you are doing the indexing steps correctly.

  • Effectively, those posts have the meta tag <meta name="robots" content="noindex,nofollow"/>
  • Your sitemap https://modelhomemakeover.ca/post-sitemap.xml apparently is not showing those posts. Additionally, you have to upload the sitemap to Google Search Console.
  • If you search in google site:https://modelhomemakeover.ca/, at least in my case, those posts are not showing in the 279 results.

In summary, you are doing the correct steps, BUT, keep in mind that the parameter noindex, anyways, can be avoided for the crawlers.

This is from Moz.com:

It is important to note that malicious crawlers are likely to completely ignore meta directives and as such, this protocol does not make a good security mechanism. If you have private information that you don’t want to make publicly searchable, choose a more secure approach, such as password protection, to keep visitors from viewing confidential pages.

Additionally, you can add the directives into a robots.txt. You can read further here.

Probably, you are receiving some malicious or not user traffic (apparently not a Google crawler). Maybe, you can use a plugin like Wordfence, in order to get further information.

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