In gutenberg I have several blocks:


In php I'd like to find the code block and append content after the block.

I'd imagine I need to use add_filter and the_content, but I'm not sure how to go about it after that.

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Yes, add_filter() is what you're looking for, but to identify a specific block, you want the render_block hook.

add_filter('render_block', function($block_content, $block) {
    // Only for Core Code blocks
    if('core/code' === $block['blockName']) {
        // Add your custom HTML after the block
        $block_content = $block_content . '<div>Test addition</div>';
    // Always return the content
    return $block_content;
}, 10, 2);

Anywhere the code block is rendered (which would currently be the front end of a Page, Post, or CPT, but in the future could be elsewhere) your added code will appear.


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