I have a gravity form and I want to write the values of the fields to a server file, before submission, to capture people who don’t finish the form. I know there is a partial entries add on but I wondered whether this would be possible using node js?

I was thinking of an onblur event that writes the field value to a file.

If this is possible, how would I link this to the gravity form itself ? Where do I place the code? Can’t put js in functions.php so maybe use the css class option on the fields ?

Any advice appreciated.


I assume you want to save the value to a third location besides current website. If that's the can you use gform_pre_submission action to fire an ajax call with all form value.

On the other side of the ajax call you can write a tiny api with node.js that will capture the data and write to your desired location.

gform_pre_submission action also can be form specific. All you have to do is to append the form id like this gform_pre_submission_5. Here 5 is form id.

Read more about the action here in official documentation.

  • Thanks for your reply. The problem here is this hook won’t fire until the user actually clicks submit. I want to save the field values onblur (or I could save all the fields when the page is exited, if possible) so I know what was entered if the user didn’t submit. I was planning on writing these values to a file on the same sever. Probably encrypting it too. – billyqureshi Jun 14 '20 at 17:43

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