I've made a custom author template model.php for a custom role model (Ultimate members Plugin) and I have the default author.php also. I want to assign model.php to model when someone goes to model a single page by keeping the admin.php the same for admin. I used this code.

add_filter( "template_include", "abc" );

function abc( $template_path ) {
    if ( is_author() ) {
        $author = get_user_by( "slug", get_query_var( "author_name" ) );
        $role = $author->roles[0];
        if ( "um_model" === $role ) {
            $template_path = locate_template( array ( "model.php" ) );
        return $template_path;

This code is working as per my need by all the other pages of my website become a blank (white screen).

Can someone help me with this?

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