I want to make Wordpress faster. So, instead of using multiple templates, I want to put sidebar(html), small css file(syntax highlighter, prism.css css content as inline directly to post, to reduce http request), small js file(syntax highlighter, prism.js js content as inline directly to post inside <script> </script> to reduce http req) and two links(newer and older).

I want to store them in database, and when website get request for specific post, the query will look for wp_content and add five meta fields stored and join them together.

  1. I am going blank, how to do all these- the js and css files are short and will remain short numbered, 60+60 for both js and css. I want to store the css and js content inside mysql postmeta table, and want to add from Wordpress Editor page as Dropdown.

  2. Also two other custom field to put links on newer and older post link to the button.

  3. And sidebar content as html document

How to do these without plugin, and want to make my Wordpress Robust and faster, how to achieve this with .

By putting - add action() inside function.php could achieve multiple custom field requirement, but how to store the css and js content inside postmeta field and make the drop-down to achieve, adding which particular Js and css, sidebar(html) values?

Any help would be appreciated, I want detailed answer, if any method which breaks or slows Wordpress is not expected at all, better to implement anything complicated but not breaking Wordpress.

  • Would you consider 'performance tuning' your existing installation via MySQL Server Global Variable changes? If you would, view profile, Network profile. Commented Jun 8, 2020 at 18:55


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