I've been able to determine that a bug on my WordPress site is coming from the following code inside the widgetize.php file of my Genesis Framework parent theme:

add_filter( 'genesis_register_sidebar_defaults', 'genesis_a11y_register_sidebar_defaults' );
 * Widget heading filter, default H4 in Widgets and sidebars modified to an H3 if genesis_a11y( 'headings' ) support
 * For using a semantic heading structure, improves accessibility

 * @param array $args Existing sidebar default arguments.
 * @return array Amended sidebar default arguments.
function genesis_a11y_register_sidebar_defaults( $args ) {

    if ( genesis_a11y( 'headings' ) ) {
        $args['before_title'] = '<h3 class="widgettitle widget-title">';
        $args['after_title']  = "</h3>\n";

    return $args;

I've set up a custom filter in my child theme on 'genesis_register_sidebar_defaults' that alters the header wrap 'before title' and 'after title'. However the filter above seems to be overriding my custom filter whenever the 'genesis_a11y( 'headings' )' is present:

// Adjust Widget Titles
add_filter( 'genesis_register_sidebar_defaults', 'sp_fix_widget_titles');
if ( ! function_exists( 'sp_fix_widget_titles' ) ) {
    function sp_fix_widget_titles( $defaults ) {
        $defaults[ 'before_title' ] = '<h4 class="widget-title widgettitle"><span class="widget-headline">';
        $defaults[ 'after_title' ]  = "</span></h4>\n";

        return $defaults;

despite my attempt to remove it:

    remove_filter( 'genesis_register_sidebar_defaults', 'genesis_a11y_register_sidebar_defaults');

or replace it:

add_filter( 'genesis_a11y_register_sidebar_defaults', 'sp_fix_a11y_widget_titles');
function sp_fix_a11y_widget_titles( $args ) {

    if ( genesis_a11y( 'headings' ) ) {
            $args['before_title'] = '<h3 class="widgettitle widget-title"><span class="widget-headline">';
            $args['after_title']  = "</span></h3>\n";

        return $args;

I've played around with priorities and tried variations on the replacement filter. Any ideas?

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