My wordpress local urls is still displayed in some pages even moved to live. How do i fix this,

local urls displayed in "canonical link", " meta property="og:locale" code, "schema code".

NB: We are using Yoast seo plugin

  • How did you change your URLs when you moved it to production? – Tom J Nowell Jun 2 at 13:04
  • We are importing files from local host and export to live host. Most of the Pages are shown live urls, expect some pages. – jeens Jun 2 at 13:53
  • When you say import/export though, how? Do you mean a database dump? Or do you mean the WP importer/exporter plugin? I notice there is no URL search replace in your migration step – Tom J Nowell Jun 2 at 14:41
  • I will share the pages, Colud you please check it dhyanit.com/company/about-us dhyanit.com/2020/04/15/… – jeens Jun 2 at 15:11
  • This isn't something people can help with by just looking at the frontend of the site, you need to do a search replace of your database to change the old URLs to the new URLs – Tom J Nowell Jun 2 at 16:04

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