I am creating a plugin to redirect all sign in attempts to a dedicated page rather than using the builting wordpress page
so i created this hook action for the admin_init with the highest priority over other callbacks

add_action( 'admin_init', 'redirect_callback', 1)

the callback function will then make sure the user is not signed in already to make the redirect

function redirect_callback() {
    if ( ! is_user_logged_in() ) {
      wp_redirect( /* my link */ );

and of course the is_user_logged_in() needs this dependency


visiting this link: url/wp-admin still doesn't redirect anywhere, it still pulls up the wordpress press sign in page.
anyone can help ?


this line did the task perfectly

add_filter( 'login_url', function(){return /* the custom URL */;});

here is the explanation:(valid for wordpress 5.4.1)
by the time admin_init fires, it's too late already.
once url/wp-admin is visited, index.php launches first
then requires admin.php (line 10)
then the file will execute 94. auth_redirect();
before 170. do_action( 'admin_init' );

auth_redirect() core function uses wp_login_url()
which in its turn uses login_url, as indicated in the wordpress documentation plage. we can apply a filter to it with any URL we like.

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So I add an action to call the function:

// Redirect anyone from the wp-login screen to the custom distributor login


Then I create a function to direct to custom url:

function custom_login(){  
   global $pagenow;  
   if( 'wp-login.php' == $pagenow && $_GET['action']!="logout") {  
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    thank you for your contribution but there is an "exit;" missing after the redirect, because wp_redirect doesnt exit automatically. – Amine Jun 1 at 20:32

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