Hello I have a theme installed but on the homepage the homepage content widget section does not appear in the customizer view. I have it set on the wp-admin themes settings but when I go to the customizer it does not show all of the widgets that are setup in the admin settings. Every page I go to in the customizer only shows 5 widgets (not sure if theres a setting to enable more than 5) but I cant seem to get this figured out. any help is greatly appreciated .. I have 2 screenshots with this post to show whats going on[enter image description here]1

enter image description here

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Widget Areas

It is clear from the above screenshots that the theme does not have support for widgets on all the pages equally.

It can be said that, one page supports 4 widget areas and the other page support 6 widget areas.

You may also try visiting theme options for this, because there might be some setting about adding widget areas for particular theme page.

Or you may list your theme name if available on wordpress.org for further assistance.

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