I created a plugin TESTPLUGIN and added it on wordpress admin menu. I can access the plugin from the admin menu just well. The problem I am having is how to link to another file within the plugin. The file members.php is loaded by the add menu callback function. In this members.php I want to add a link to show_member.php load a single member when the name of a member is clicked. Both files are under one directory.

`<a href="<?php echo  plugin_dir_url(__FILE__).'show_member.php?id=4';?>">John Smit`h</a>
the url resolves to  **http://localhost/mywebsite/wp-content/plugins/myplugins/views/members.php** which is the correct path of show_member.php

But am getting this error message when I click the link: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function plugin_dir_path() in C:\xampp\htdocs... I have also tried plugins_url() but got the same error. Can someone guide how I could link to another file within my wordpress plugin. What an I doing wrong? Thanks.

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    As the error states, the plugin_dir_path() function is not defined (doesn't exist) when your code attempts to call it. You probably need to wrap your test plugin code in a new function which hooks into WP and runs at a later point.
    – Kevin Vess
    May 28, 2020 at 5:04

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I solved the problem using the admin_url() wordpress function. In order to link to another page in the plugin or even to another plugin within my project, I did it by passing the registered url to admin_url() function.

<a href="<?php echo  admin_url('admin.php?page=edit-member-page&id='.$id);?>">John Smit`h</a>

//The $id variable passed to the link will be retrieved by use of `$_GET['id']; superglobal on edit_member.php But first url sluf: edit-member-page first should be registered in your plugin or functions.php

in my plugin main

 //add menu call back
    function load_edit_member_page_callback(){
//add admin menu action
//implement register_edit_member_fun function
function register_edit_member_fun(){
    'edit member', //page title
    '', //menu title (I left it blank because  I don't want the menu to appear to users. I just need to make use of the slug to link internally
    'manage_options', //capability
    'edit-member-page', //slug, this is what I passed to hre attribute above
    'load_edit_member_page_callback',//callable function


Hope this helps someone.

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