I'm trying to find some specific plugin for Accordion (FAQ), but to be in a form of Gutenberg Block. There is a group of "block enabled" plugins on https://wordpress.org/plugins/browse/blocks/

There should be a simple way of achieving this task. I've done a lot of experimenting, but none of the results were satisfactory enough.

Using specialized sites

Using Google

I've had some results using Google queries like this one:

inurl:wordpress.org/plugins/browse/blocks/ accordion

... but that gave me only "list" and not "plugin" pages. Not satisfactory at all!

I still believe that it is somehow possible to get better results from Google

Experiment with Wordpress.org public API

I've found "some solution" via Wordpress.org API. Read my own answer...

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At first, extracting results into a file with:

# create a file needed
curl --globoff --silent "https://api.wordpress.org/plugins/info/1.2/?action=query_plugins&request[browse]=blocks&request[page]=1&request[per_page]=400" | jq ".plugins[] | { name: .name, url: \"https://wordpress.org/plugins/\\(.slug)/\", short: .short_description, description: .description }" > wp-block-plugins.json
curl --globoff --silent "https://api.wordpress.org/plugins/info/1.2/?action=query_plugins&request[browse]=blocks&request[page]=2&request[per_page]=400" | jq ".plugins[] | { name: .name, url: \"https://wordpress.org/plugins/\\(.slug)/\", short: .short_description, description: .description }" >> wp-block-plugins.json

Now, when I have file wp-block-plugins.json, I can search for plugins I need:

# case in-sensitive search in description field for term 'accordion'
cat wp-block-plugins.json | jq '. | select(.description | test("\\baccordion\\b";"")) |{ name: .name, short: .short, url: .url }'

will get me desired results that look something like this, which is what I wanted in the first place:


  "name": "Cosmic Blocks (40+) Content Editor Blocks Collection",
  "short": "Blocks collection of 40+ customizable WordPress 5.0 gutenberg content blocks for the new content block…",
  "url": "https://wordpress.org/plugins/cosmic-blocks/"
  "name": "Hot Blocks",
  "short": "A collection of several blocks for new WordPress editor (Gutenberg).",
  "url": "https://wordpress.org/plugins/hot-blocks/"


I think I've found a proper site:


Search query that kinda works:


Best solution so far!

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