I am using the Genesis Framework for my coupon website. I am using the function genesis_custom_loop to create WordPress posts loop.

Reference for genesis_custom_loop: https://genesis.community/wiki/set-up-custom-loop-in-genesis/

I wanted to add Google Ads in-feed ads code for every 5 posts (coupons). I don't want to use the Auto Ads feature as it places ad in any random location and disturbs navigation.

How to add AdSense code for every 5 posts (coupons)? How can I achieve this?

  • Can you please add your complete loop code? You need to use a variable, add 1 every time the loop is run, then divide it by five and if it is an integer, display the Ads feature. If you add the code, I’ll show you how to do it. Best, Ralph – ralphsmit Jun 5 at 13:05

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