On my WordPress site I have created a custom taxonomy named "game" which lists different gaming titles. I want to be able to display the names of these titles on my posts using a shortcode.

Prior to creating a custom taxonomy, I was using WordPress' default categories taxonomy, and had the following code (found on stack exchange) working well:

function shortcode_post_category () {
    $html = '';
    $categories = get_the_category();
    foreach( $categories as $category ){
        $html .= '<h2>' . strtoupper($category->name) . ' KEYBINDS</h2>';
    return $html;
add_shortcode( 'category-keybinds', 'shortcode_post_category' );

From what I understand I need to change the get_the_categories to get_the_term(?) however with my very limited knowledge of php I cannot seem to get this to work on the new "game" taxonomy.


If you look at the source code of get_the_category() you see that this is not much more than a call to get_the_terms ( $id, 'category' ), where $id is the current post id.

So, what you need is get_the_terms ( get_the_ID(), 'game' ). You need get_the_ID, because the ID is not passed to the shortcode as it is to get_the_category.

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  • You're a star. Thanks for the help, it's worked great. – Tom May 23 at 17:20

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