Any help would be great, as the site I was working on has disappeared and can't log into WP admin. I will try and keep this clear.

  • My friend has a site, created with 5.2.17
  • I tried updating the two plugins featured within the site
  • Received a message within the same window saying update was successful and was told to upgrade to 5.4
  • Live site has disappeared and now don't have access to WP admin

As for backup, I did perform one, but I'm not getting anything, but if I am to assume the backup wasn't actually done, is there anything can be done to recover access to admin and site?

I found this link


Any help would be great


  • Yes, normally in this type of situation you disable plugins as you found in that article. I'd also suggest moving the theme out of its directory so only a default theme like Twenty Twenty is left. If that doesn't work, try downloading WP Core (making sure it's the same version that was installed) and overwrite the Core files (making sure not to overwrite wp-content, which would erase your uploads). If that doesn't restore the site, check with the host on backups. – WebElaine May 21 at 13:53

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