I'm using the Quiz Addon for Gravity Forms, and I want to show the average total quiz results on the front end so that people taking the quiz can see how they stack up against everyone else.

I was going to build a custom shortcode to display the aggregate results seen in the admin backend under the "Quiz Results" tab. It has stats like Total Entries, Average Score, Average Percentage, Score Frequencies, Grade Frequencies, etc, which would be perfect.

But I can't find any hooks (or other means) to populate those numbers inside my shortcode.

I also tried searching through the database to build a mySQL query, but I can't see where that data is stored.

How do I populate my shortcode with the average total quiz results?

Note: I am not talking about the merge tags {quiz_grade}, {quiz_score}, or {quiz_percent}. They show individual results for the user, not total average results.

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