hello I have an old website https://www.manthanpublication.com/manthantest hosted using Codeigniter as it is hard to customize I decide to change to Wordpress now the problem is I have student result on old website server. I want to access them on Wordpress website, I have PHP scripts from old website to run them on Wordpress but I don't know how to get or access 2nd MySQL database on Wordpress so I can show the student result on Wordpress website new website https://manthanwelfarefoundation.org/

I hope you understand the question/problem if you need an explanation, please ask. Thank You

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You can create a new instance of the wpdb object. It is explained in many posts like this one: Using wpdb to connect to a separate database

  • $mydb = new wpdb('username','password','database','localhost'); $rows = $mydb->get_results("select Name from my_table"); echo "<ul>"; foreach ($rows as $obj) : echo "<li>".$obj->Name."</li>"; endforeach; echo "</ul>"; i tried that but want to access different server not localhost May 20, 2020 at 16:05

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