I have a WordPress theme which contains multiple pages one is a contact page, I didn't like this contact page so created another page so the old page I renamed it to https://videommerce.com/contactold/ and the new one I named it https://videommerce.com/contact/ now I deleted the old page page https://videommerce.com/contactold/

The problem:

Now when I visit https://videommerce.com/contact/ it redirects me to https://videommerce.com/contactold/

What do I need to do solve this problem?

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    Appears to work fine. – vancoder May 18 at 16:01
  • Because redirect will be cached sometimes, you may try using other browsers to see if the same thing happen. If not, it should probably be the cache. After expiration, the problem will be gone or you could clear cache if you don't have to keep those cache files (after you confirm if it is the cache problem) – simongcc May 18 at 17:06

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