I have setup a controller class for my custom post type which extends the WP_REST_Posts_Controller class as I need some additional validation around whether or not the post can be viewed. A custom namespace is also being used.

In terms of REST, all is working well. I can make requests to the endpoint and all the data is returned successfully.

My problem is with the block editor... Anytime I add new, or edit existing, for my custom post type, I simply see a white screen. No errors in the log, nothing. If I remove the custom namespace and use the default, it works fine.

Can't seem to find a similar issue anywhere.

Any ideas?

My register_post_type includes:

'show_in_rest'          => true,
'rest_base'             => 'articles',
'rest_controller_class' => 'KBS_Articles_API'

My class extending WP_REST_Posts_Controller has the following in it's __construct method: class KBS_Articles_API extends WP_REST_Posts_Controller {

 * Get things going
 * @since   1.5
public function __construct( $post_type )   {
    parent::__construct( $post_type );

    $this->namespace = KBS()->api->__get( 'namespace' ) . KBS()->api->__get( 'version' );
} // __construct

The namespace resolves correctly and with the custom namespace, REST calls work perfectly, its just the inability to add/edit posts that is lacking. The post type has support for custom fields and the meta fields are registered.

Any ideas?

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