I have a form that submits the data in array format. I have sanitized all the data and also tried to escape it using esc_attr, but it is a function of escaping and not sanitizing.

Is there a better way to sanitize the entire array (with text value) instead of each individual value.

$array = array_map( 'esc_attr', $array );

How can we make sure the data is sanitize and not just escaped?

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I'm not completely sure what you mean to do, but are you looking for sanitize_text_field?

$array = array_map( 'sanitize_text_field', $array );
  • Thanks @cjbj for your reply but this is not i am looking for. I have created a plugin and it is rejected because of using "esc_attr" to sanitize. They mentioned you have to sanitize the array and not just escap the tags.
    – suiz
    May 14, 2020 at 14:39

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