My Read More link on several pages (showing an excerpt of those posts) is not linking to the posts themselves when you click on Read More. It looks like it is a link and should do so, but it just update the same page and keeps you on that same page...

I don't know how to code so very very basic layman's terms is greatly appreciated. I am using Astra Theme if that makes a difference at all.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

  • Can you please provide the URL where this is happening? May 13 '20 at 0:30
  • I see the problem. But it's hard to predict the issue without checking the backend. Let me know if I can access the backend anyhow. Thanks May 13 '20 at 21:58
  • Is there a day and time that might work for you and I could screen share through Zoom? I greatly appreciate your assistance with resolving this. It's on multiple pages with any post I put on (using the excerpt option in the menu tab). Thank you.
    – Holly
    May 14 '20 at 7:45
  • Yes, we can work it out today. Do let me know what time is suitable for you. May 14 '20 at 10:25

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