I've inherited a wordpress site using the Avada theme and page loads seems to be exceptionally slow, anywhere from seven seconds to 30 seconds. It looks to me like one or more of the queries are doing something very strange, since there's a long list in the slow query monitor.

It's WordPress 5.2.6 running Avada theme.

Here is an example of some of the query data:

UPDATE wp_options SET option_value = 'a:8:{s:28:\"enable_builder_ui_by_default\";s:1:\"1\";s:15:\"fusion_elements\";a:40:{i:0;s:11:\"fusion_blog\";i:1;s:13:\"fusion_button\";i:2;s:11:\"fusion_code\";i:3;s:20:\"fusion_content_boxes\";i:4;s:13:\"fusion_events\";i:5;s:18:\"fusion_fontawesome\";i:6;s:14:\"fusion_gallery\";i:7;s:16:\"fusion_highlight\";i:8;s:17:\"fusion_imageframe\";i:9;s:25:\"fusion_

Then enormous amounts of this:


The incrementing number goes to 652628 and it says update_option() is calling Plugin: fusion-builder-mobile-layout-creator to create this query.

Any help appreciated.

  • This is probably a question for the specific plugin you mention. Their developers would know best. – Howdy_McGee May 8 at 17:44
  • The fusion plugin is part of Avada's framework. I know these plugins/theme are popular and allow people to do a lot of stuff out of the box, but they're really bloated. Their entire business model is based on selling to as wide an array of clients as possible, so their software includes as many options as possible, and most sites use only a fraction of them. I've also found that the longer they're in use, the slower they get. – Tony Djukic May 8 at 17:47
  • That sounds like an issue with the plugin instead of a question specifically about WordPress Development. It may be something you could bring up on their Community Forum. 3rd party plugins are considered to be off-topic here and questions regarding those plugins are better suited using the plugins support methods. The plugin developers or users who are familiar with the plugin/product should be able to help & answer your questions. – Howdy_McGee May 8 at 17:55
  • The Google Site Kit plugin includes a page speed diagnosis which breaks down page loading and the elements on it. It may not give you exactly what you want but it will probably point you towards specific parts of the site loading slow. – Admiral Noisy Bottom May 10 at 1:36

The problem as it turned out was the fusion-builder-mobile-layout-creator plugin. By going into settings for the theme and unchecking mobile layout (which checked itself again immediately), it cleared the buildup of entries. It may recur but that's the fix. We might have to uninstall the plugin entirely longer term.

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