When I use Advanced Custom Fields I can return the full image array of an upload. Is there a native WordPress way to get the full image array for any image in the Media Library by image ID? I can find ways to get the alt text and a specific image size, but not the array itself...


The "full array" is constructed by Advanced Custom Fields from various sources. It's not a format that occurs natively in WordPress.

If you want to output an image tag for an image with all the correct attributes, just use the ID with wp_get_attachment_image(). That returns an HTML <img> tag with the src, width, height, alt, srcset, sizes and class all populated. You can add or change attributes to the tag using the 4th argument:

echo wp_get_attachment_image(
        'class'          => 'custom-class',
        'data-attribute' => 'custom-attribute-value',

To be honest, if your goal is to ultimately get an <img> tag, then even with ACF you should return an ID and use this function.

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    I'm marking your answer as correct as thanks for confirming there's no native function... I completely disagree about using that function instead of ACF no matter what though: ACF's array can be super useful - that's why they created it! Ultimately I created my own version of their array to use for native WordPress, which suits my purposes.
    – JohnG
    May 7 '20 at 10:11
  • What are your purposes? May 7 '20 at 10:19

If you're using Autoload/Composer you can use $image = \acf_get_attachment( $attachment_id ); to get an acf image array. If not I guess you can use require_once() to load your plugins/advanced-custom-fields-pro/includes/api/api-helpers.php, however I haven't tested this yet.

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