this my images url and I want to change( https://oneclickwebsites.co to https://oneclickwebsites.site)


so it will look like


all think remain some just need to change .co to .site

i check on the internet and find we can do this thing using htaccess

so i m very open with any solution

thank you

  • Those domains appear to be pointing to different websites. You can't rewrite a WordPress URL to a different domain if that domain is not pointing to that install of WordPress. Are you trying to rewrite them, or replace them? – Jacob Peattie May 7 at 9:54
  • both are my domain and hosted in the same hosting the only problem is that when i clone site I get this problem image are upload in , site URL but don't know y bower call the image .co URL that y it shows missing page – Tariq Ahmed Khan May 7 at 11:04

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