Setup - the WooCommerce main "Shop" page with a "Filter Products By Attribute" (https://docs.woocommerce.com/document/woocommerce-widgets/#section-6) sidebar widget.

When I select an attribute, the page displays products accordingly (/shop/?filter_name=filter_type).

i want a check for when the page is showing a filtered list of products, i.e.

if (shop_page_is_showing_filtered())


elseif (is_shop())


Something like this is good - Show attribute description when filtering by that attribute - but it requires explicitly stating the attribute. I just want to know if my page is showing ANY attribute.



This is the answer:

function active_woocommerce_filters() {

    // for older WC versions
    // global $_chosen_attributes;

    $_chosen_attributes = WC_Query::get_layered_nav_chosen_attributes();

    return count( $_chosen_attributes );



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