I observe that a copy-paste containing the control character '^L' (ie FF) causes an error with 'vimrepress'.

Wordpress publishes the page but vimpress cannot load it. I would like to replace this '^L' character with a space in one and, if possible, several pages either with "adminer", or with a plugin, or from the editor.

Any ideas ?

NB: WP 5.4.1; mysql 5.7.28; PHP 5.6.39


first workaround:

  1. Edit the page under wordpress classic editor and copy (ctrl-C) the whole to the clipboard.
  2. Open the vim editor
  3. Copy (ctrl-V) the clipboard to the vim window
  4. Replace all control characters with a space    :%s/[^@-^M]/ /g (ie ctrl-V ctrl- @ and ctrl-V ctrl-M)
  5. Overwrite the page content in wordpress with the new vim content via the clipboard
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