I'm helping someone who has a WordPress website that's completely set up with all kinds of plugins. Some not doing exactly standard stuff or going through the proper hooks/filters.

One of these plugins builds mail content based on either the excerpt or content fields of the post object ($post->post_content or $post->post_excerpt). The problem is I'm using a custom post type that doesn't have the needed info in those fields.

Looking at the logic of the plugin the easiest field to use for my custom content is $post->post_content. But at the moment I'm stumped where I need to add this logic. As the action the_post doesn't do anything. Nor does the filter the_content. (my code works as in the loop the changes are applied)

Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can change the contents of $post->the_content? If you're wondering which plugin I'm currently fighting with it's Mailpoet 3.

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