I have a custom post type template and a

    list with several items inside displaying data form advanced custom fields, this is my template code for the list

        <ul class="game-meta-data">
                                <?php if( get_field('release_date') ): ?>
                                    <li><span class="taxo-bold">Release Date: </span><?php the_field('release_date'); ?></li>
                                    <?php else : ?>
                                    <li><span class="taxo-bold">Release Year: </span><?php the_field('release_year'); ?></li>
                                 <?php endif; ?>
                                    <li><span class="taxo-bold">Genres: </span><?php the_field('genres'); ?></li>
                                    <li><span class="taxo-bold">Developer: </span><?php the_field('developer'); ?></li>
                                    <li><span class="taxo-bold">Publisher: </span><?php the_field('publisher'); ?></li>         
                                    <li><span class="taxo-bold game-platforms">Platform: </span><?php echo gameTermLinks(); ?></li>
                                    <?php if ( get_field('psvr_game') ) : ?>
                                    <li><span class="taxo-bold">PSVR: </span><?php the_field('psvr_game'); ?></li>
                                    <?php endif; ?>

    As you can see from the code all

  • elements are inside the ul & /ul

    But, when I refresh the page the last li element is outside of the ul, this is confirmed when inspecting the code in code inspector.


    What is causing this? or am I just missing something really simple? I am going insane right now trying to figure this out.

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