I can use either the php script for a menu

<!-- menu -->
<?php function wpb_custom_new_menu() {
  register_nav_menu('my-custom-menu',__( 'My Custom Menu' ));
add_action( 'init', 'wpb_custom_new_menu' ); ?>

or the post thumbnail script

<!-- post thumbnails -->
<?php add_theme_support('post-thumbnails') ?>

But when I use both under eachother (like the above) then I can't update my custom theme editor anymore. Is there a way to seperate these codes that I don't know of? My php knowledge is 0..

  • I use a custom wordpress theme that i created myself – Bram Werink Apr 29 '20 at 7:01

Your issue is likely with your PHP opening and closing tags (these things: <?php, ?>. If you have an open PHP tag, <?php, and then try to add another one, you will cause a fatal error.

It's important with your PHP files to keep track of your PHP tags so that they're balanced, just like HTML tags need to be. For a standard functions.php file you likely only need a single PHP tag at the very beginning (you shouldn't use a closing PHP tag if it's the end of the file):

function wpb_custom_new_menu() {
    register_nav_menu('my-custom-menu',__( 'My Custom Menu' ));
add_action( 'init', 'wpb_custom_new_menu' );

function wpb_theme_supports() {
add_action( 'after_setup_theme', 'wpb_theme_supports' );    

Note that add_theme_support() needs to be within a function that's hooked on after_setup_theme. Also, don't put HTML comments in your functions file like that. It will always be output and will likely cause headers related errors.

  • I will try this, and the comments I put there for stackexchange but thanks, i noticed that the hard way – Bram Werink Apr 29 '20 at 7:27

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