So I am fairly new to making a website and not sure how to fix this issue. I am using a wordpress google map plugin on this page and it's not able to load.

The errors that I receive when I examine the website are in the attached image. This just started happening after I added an SSL to my site I followed the instructions I received from my host website, hostinger, so I don't understand what I did wrong! Any advice is greatly appreciated![error screenshot]1

I've made sure that I'm using the javascript maps, places, directions, and geocoding apis for the map.

  • The issue is that your site is on HTTPS but appears to be calling a reference to the same URL but under HTTP. The second & third issue appear to stem from the same problem. You have to make sure every reference to your URL that is being executed is coming from HTTPS. – Tony Djukic Apr 21 at 5:13

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