I have a bug with an Ajax request but it works on Firefox. You can test it clicking here

For Edge/Chrome I got a 400 error.

In Edge I got this error :

HTTP400: INCORRECT REQUEST - the request could not be processed by the server due to invalid syntax.

What could be the problem in my request ?

Request : https://www.passerellepouremploi.com/wp-admin/admin-ajax.php?action=getH4ACustomPostTypeByAjax&data%5Bh4a-list-post-status%5D=false&data%5Bh4a-list-view-mode%5D=card&data%5Bh4a-list-post-type%5D=formation&data%5Bh4a-list-spec-cat%5D=false&data%5Bh4a-list-cat%5D=false&data%5Bh4a-list-order%5D=false&data%5Bh4a-list-orderby%5D=false&data%5Bh4a-list-meta-key%5D=false&data%5Bh4a-posts-per-page%5D=false&data%5Bh4a-list-pagination%5D=false&is_count=true

Why it works for Firefox but not for others browsers ?

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    I'm getting the error in Safari, Chrome and Firefox, so I don't think it's a browser issue. Question; are you logged into WP with one browser but not the other? – Tony Djukic Apr 18 at 0:54
  • @TonyDjukic Sorry, I did a test. It works for all browsers but only when you are logged in. So thanks for your notice which could help me a lot. I was logged in on Firefox, not for Chrome ;) – J.BizMai Apr 20 at 12:27
  • Fantastic. There’s two different actions for AJAX execution, one for everyone and another for logged in users only. – Tony Djukic Apr 20 at 14:26
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    Yes, I know my problem was fixed.wp_ajax_nopriv was wrapped by is_admin(). That could not work ^^. Thanks a lot ! – J.BizMai Apr 20 at 14:33

Problem fixed ! The problem was not due to a browser matter. wp_ajax_nopriv_myfunction was wrapped by is_admin(). That could not work. I was logged in in Firefox and not in Chrome that´s why I thought it was a browser matter.

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