I need to take values from an old database to a new one. Specifically a plugin's meta value of WooCommerce products. I've got the same products data in both tables but the IDs are not coincident, so the only common column is SKU, which is a meta_value of wp_postmeta table with meta_key = '_sku'

The values from the old database are:

db1.wp_postmeta: meta_key = sku - meta_value = 'xxxx1'

on the new database I need to update:


when meta_key = sku

if meta_value = db1.meta_value (xxxx1)

then UPDATE meta_key = 'plugin_data'

SET meta_value = (db1.meta_value when db1.meta_key ='plugin_data')

It's really hard for me to explain and to get the data I need, because WP stores all the data in key/value pairs on the same table.

Thank you in advance for your help

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