I am trying to implement infinite scrolling on my theme, in my site, some pages use the regular sorting, some use reverse sorting and some use custom loops, I would like to add infinite scrolling to all three.

Jetpack offers a way to modify the query arguments it uses by using a filter https://developer.jetpack.com/hooks/infinite_scroll_query_args/

 * Sort all Infinite Scroll results alphabetically by post name
 * @param array $args
 * @filter infinite_scroll_query_args
 * @return array
function jetpack_infinite_scroll_query_args( $args ) {
    $args['order']   = 'ASC';
    $args['orderby'] = 'name';

    return $args;
add_filter( 'infinite_scroll_query_args', 'jetpack_infinite_scroll_query_args' );

But when I try to use the conditionals I usually use to specify different $args it doesn't work as expected. Here is an example of what my filter looks like.

function my_filters ($args) {
    if ( 6 == get_query_var('cat') {
        /** Some arguments here **/

How would you add a specific filter based on the page you are at?

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