I want to limit the number of categories to be displayed on girds to be 4 or something like clickable to expend all. but this should not be the effect on single post page.



  • Because there are many ways to create a grid. I think you might like to share more information such as how do you add the grids, by UI? By Code? If by UI, is it a plugin? a custom theme? If by code, what is the code? So that other helpers could provide help effectively. – simongcc Apr 15 at 13:13
  • @simongcc It is created by only a theme. I'm attaching the theme here " dropbox.com/s/mo1y2u2jw8mj6f5/boombox.zip?dl=0 ". please check. – back2life azahar Apr 15 at 15:26

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