I have a category structure for comics. There is a parent category called Comics (id 6 in my case) and each comic series is a child of it.

So I want to introduce in my theme a function to check whether something is a comic or not, with the idea that I could either call it empty to check whether the current page or element in the loop is of a comic, or I could give it a category to see if it's of a comic.

My code so far is this

function is_comic($categories=get_the_category()){
  foreach ($categories as $cat) {
    if ( (is_int($cat) and $cat==6) or ($cat->term_id == 6) or ( cat_is_ancestor_of(6,$cat) ) ){
      return true;
  return false;

But it just crashes my site. EDIT: Found a missing parenthesis, but assigning the default value still crashes the site. How would you assign the default so it gets the categories of the current page?

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