I have taken SMS service from http://bulksmsindia.mobi/bulksmsindia/index.html. I want to integrate SMS in my WordPress website as a confirmation form submission. I have got from the service provider below but how can I integrate please guide.

Bulk SMS India Developers API

HTTP API Details

Send SMS(Comma Seperated):


Code Sample:(Send SMS)

''''write code for loop while (you can open record set here)
 sResponse = ""
 sResponse = SMSSend(pno, message )
 If right(sResponse,15) = "Send Successful" Then
 'write your code here
 End If
 '''End Wend
 Function SMSSend (strPh,strMsg)

 Dim msgResponse
 Dim strRequest
 Dim strUrl
 msgResponse = ""

 If not IsNumeric(strPh) Or len(strPh) <> 10 Then
 msgResponse = "Enter valid Mobile Number."
 End If
 If strMsg = "" Then
 msgResponse = "Enter text message."
 End If

 strUrl = "http://bulksmsindia.mobi/sendurlcomma.asp?"
 strRequest = strRequest+"&user=profileid"
 strRequest = strRequest+"&pwd=pass"
 strRequest = strRequest+"&senderid=senderid"
 strRequest = strRequest+"&mobileno="+strPh
 strRequest = strRequest+"&msgtext="+Server.URLEncode(strMsg)

 strUrl = strUrl+strRequest

 If msgResponse = "" Then
 Dim oXML
 Dim sPage
 On Error Resume Next
 Set oXML = Server.CreateObject("Msxml2.XMLHTTP")
 oXML.Open "get", strUrl , false
 msgResponse = oXML.ResponseText
 Set oXML = Nothing
 End If

 SMSSend = msgResponse

 If Err.Number <> 0 Then
 SMSSend = "Problem on sending sms : "& Err.Description
 End If

 End Function
  • Your sample code is just VBA to make a GET request to that URL, which you can do with wp_remote_get() in WordPress. I don't know CF7 well enough to tell you which action you should hook, nor can I see the hooks in the CF7 documentation (!) but here's a third-party list: hookr.io/plugins/contact-form-7/5.1.7/hooks
    – Rup
    Apr 13, 2020 at 16:23

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The best way to integrate SMS into Contact Form 7 is to find an SMS provider that supports an email interface to send the SMS.

Then just tick Mail 2 at the bottom of the config form and you can put your message into that.

I've done this in the past with Kapow SMS gateway.

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