I am using Code Snippets plugins, that allow create shortcodes from the Wordpress Admin panel. I am using a simple shortcode to print some info and works great. Anyway, I want make this add some info if the parameter 'error' is in the url.

To make this, I am doing this:

add_shortcode( 'my_shortcode', function () {

    $out = '';

    print_r($_GET); //--> prints Array ( )
        $out .='<div id="login_error">El usuario o contraseña no es correcto.</div>';   

    $out .='HTML info';

    return $out;
} );

Anyway, my URL is http://localhost/login/?error=true and I think this should be working. Some idea about this problem?


$_GET is a glob var. which is triger/created when you're sending html form data og visit a link. When is send from form you can add the needet info in "action" atr. But from youre example i see onlu that you return from the function some string...did not see the part of adding it to the $_GET...

as sugested up you can use $_REQUEST["GET"] or $_SERVER['REQUEST_METHOD'] allso

lets roll back a sec. - you need to add some extra data to the get requst if have some specific condition ( 'error )and the what??? for example :

This directly will add data to url and redirect to da location, do proper escaping..this is example

function get_server_info(){

$server = array();
 $server["ip"] = $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'];
}else{ $server["ip"] = false; }

 $server["host"] = $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'];
}else{ $server["host"] = false; }

 $server["query"] = $_SERVER['QUERY_STRING'];
}else{ $server["query"] = false; }

 $server["from"] = $_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER']; 
}else{ $server["from"] = false; }

  $server["requested"] = $_SERVER["REQUEST_URI"];
}else{ $server["requested"] = false; }

return $server;


function redirect_to($location,$content = "text/html"){

header("Location: ".$location);
header("Content-Type: ".$content);


this should redirect you to the original intendet location whit extra url data somthing like this

function add_to_url(){

$server = get_server_info();

if( youre condition ){

    $to_add ='<div id="login_error">El usuario o contraseña no es correcto. 

    $redirect_to =  $server["requested"]."&".$to_add;

    redirect_to( $redirect_to);



  • You could see that in the bottom of the question I leave the url with the GET parameter filled :) – user1422434 Apr 10 '20 at 16:44

reading about this type of problems (because my template wasn't the problem) and it's a fresh installation. I read that wordpress recommends the use of $_REQUEST instead $_GET (Anyway I see that other people can use $_GET without problems) and tried with $_REQUEST, now it's working.

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