I would like to make possible to any visitors (non-users) to create a custom post from the WP frontend, then get a password in email which can let him/her edit the post if the proper password is given.

Now my focus is only on the capabilities part. Is there a native WP solution to make a CPT post editable to non-users who can enter the required password to that specific post?

I would like to avoid generating extra number of Users for this feature, if possible.

*:The created post would be assigned to the Admin by default.

Thank you for any alternatives!

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I would suggest having a generic form that can be completed by the public on the front end. The submission of the form would would generate the post, saving a random string in its meta data (the password), and send an email containing a link to /?p=PAGEID&post_id=THE_POST_ID&pw=THE_PASSWORD. THE_POST_ID and THE_PASSWORD are those values from the post generated, and the PAGEID is a page you created that contains shortcode to handle the editing. Not to get too far into detail, but your shortcode would be something like this:

add_shortcode('viktor_edit_post', function() {
    // Sanitize
    $_REQUEST['post_id'] = absint($_REQUEST['post_id']);

    // Validate
    || get_post_status($_REQUEST['post_id']) === FALSE
    || get_post_meta($_REQUEST['post_id'], 'pw', TRUE) !== $_REQUEST['pw']
    ) {
        // I would suggest echoing the public form here and handling its submission
        // here as well.  I think it would be preferable as you need not hard-code
        // the PAGEID because this shortcode sits on that page.  You could get it by way
        // of the global $page (as done below).

    // If edit submission, update.
    if(wp_verify_nonce('viktor_nonce_'.$_REQUEST['post_id'], 'viktor_check')
    && isset($_REQUEST['new_post_content'])
    ) {
            'ID'            => $_REQUEST['post_id'],
            'post_content'  => sanitize_textarea_field($_REQUEST['new_post_content']);

    // Display edit form
    global $post;
    ?><form action='/?p=<?= $post->ID ?>' method='POST'>
    <?php wp_nonce_field('viktor_check', 'viktor_nonce_'.$_REQUEST['post_id'], FALSE); ?>
    <input type='hidden' name='post_id' value='<?= $_REQUEST['post_id'] ?>'>
    <input type='hidden' name='pw' value='<?= $_REQUEST['pw'] ?>'>
    <p><?= sprintf(
        __('Please make changes as you see fit to %s.'),
    ) ?></p>
    <textarea name="new_post_content"><?= get_the_content(NULL, FALSE, $_REQUEST['post_id']) ?></textarea>
    <?php submit_button('Save'); ?>

The deal here is that you're not messing around with capabilities, which control the users of your site. As you want to deal with non-users as well, I think a simple shortcode plugin is the way to go.

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